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[beasiswa] [INFO] Fw: Fellowship Programme 2013-2014, IAS-STS, Graz, Austria

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We ask you to forward this information to persons, who could be interested!

Dear Colleague,
we would like to announce the


The IAS-STS in Graz, Austria, promotes the
interdisciplinary investigation of the links and
interactions between science, technology and
society as well as technology assessment and
research into the development and implementation
of socially and environmentally sound technologies.
Broadly speaking, the IAS-STS is an institute for
the enhancement of science and technology studies.

The IAS-STS invites researchers to apply for a stay
between 1 October 2013 and 30 June 2014 as a

– Research Fellow (up to nine months); or,
– Visiting Scholar (shorter period, e.g. a month)

The IAS-STS offers excellent research
infrastructure. Close co-operation with researchers
at the IFZ (Inter-University Research Centre for
Technology, Work and Culture;
see: www.ifz.aau.at), guest lectures, workshops
and conferences provide an atmosphere of
creativity and scholarly discussion.

Furthermore we can offer five grants, worth EUR
940 per month for long-term Research Fellows
at the IAS-STS.

The Fellowship Programme 2013-2014 is
dedicated to projects investigating the following

1. Gender – Technology – Environment
This area of research particularly focuses on
gender dimensions of science and technology.
On the one hand, individual perspectives of actors
in the technological field are taken into account;
on the other hand educational, organisational,
societal, environmental and political issues are
gaining more and more relevance.
Promising research should shed more light on
the interrelation between individuals’ concepts
and media representations of gender and

2. Life Sciences/Biotechnology
Applications a sought in two thematic areas. First, following
some 20 years of public debate, agricultural biotechnology
continues to be a deeply controversial issue in the EU, partly
fueled by progress in science and technology innovation
such as GM industrial and energy crops, or novel breeding
techniques. Research should contribute to a better
understanding of the regulatory, broader policy and
governance challanges of agricultutral biotechnology, and/or
explore strategies to manage these challanges.
Second, in recent years, social studies of the life sciences
wre bound to large scale research programmes. in many
countries these funding schemes have now come to an end.
This is an opportunity to review these previous programmes
via collaborative engagement with the life sciences, as well
as to explore new ways of inquiry. Applicants are
encouraged to address these issues when analysing life
sciences as a social process.

3. Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement
and Ecodesign
The supply side policy “Ecodesign” and the demand
side policy “Public Procurement” are used to support
the transition towards green, socially responsible and
and innovative markets. Nonetheless, scientific
research in these respective fields is still limited.
Researchers investigating the following areas are
encouraged to apply: The environmental impact or
the innovation potenjtial of green public procurement
and ecodesign; the impact of socially responsible
public procurement; the hurdles, success factors,
efficacy, and wider implications ofEuropean or
national policies for sustainable and innovative public
procurement and ecodesign.

4. Toward Low-Carbon Energy Systems
On basis of the analysis of social, technological and
organisational framework of energy use projects
should contribute to the shaping of sustainable
energy, climate and technology policies. They
should aim at socio-economic aspects of energy
technologies or at strategies of environmental
technology policy. They should develop measures
and strategies for the promotion of renewable
energy sources, for the transition to a sustainable
energy system or contribute to the field of
sustainable construction. Regional governance,
climate policy strategies, innovation policy and the
role of users are important themes. In addition,
the Manfred Heindler grant is awarded for research
projects on the increased use of renewable energies
and on a more efficient use of energy.

5. Sustainable Food Systems
Food security, nutrition, food quality and safety, resource
scarcity, carbon foodprints and other challanges faced in
urban or rural areas are currently dominating the
industrialized and globalized food systems. Research
applications are encouraged which explore different
forms of sustainable food systems, as well as related
social practices and socioeconomic/technical processes
in the production, distribution, marketing, and consumtion
of food. A particular focus lies on governance
mechanisms, policies, and their (potential) contribution to
a wider transformation towards more sustainable cities,
regions and societies.

Applications must be submitted to the IAS-STS
by 31 December 2012.

For application forms and further information:
Please visit our website: www.sts.tugraz.at

Institute for Advanced Studies on Science,
Technology and Society (IAS-STS)
Attn. Gunter Getzinger
Kopernikusgasse 9
8010 Graz – Austria
E-mail: info@sts.tugraz.at


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