[beasiswa] [INFO] Kesempatan study lanjut di King AbdulAzis University Jeddah

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[beasiswa] [INFO] Kesempatan study lanjut di King AbdulAzis University Jeddah

Barangkali bermanfaat utk sendiri, saudara atau teman.
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Bapak Ibu mungkin saja berguna bagi diri sendiri, family atau kerabat yang punya keahlian yang dicari. Saya forward message kawan saya Kandidat Profesor  Hatsari M, dari NUS singapore.
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Hanya ingin menyampaikan pesan dari chairman of Aeronautical Engineering
Department of KAU tentang kesempatan untuk melanjutkan study (postgraduate
study) di bidang Aeronautical Engineering Department. Mereka sedang membutuhkan
postgraduate student untuk melakukan study lanjut di Departmentnya. Funding
nampaknya sudah tersedia tapi studentnya belum ada. Kalau ada yang punya saudara atau adik atau kenalan yang tertarik, beritanya ada di bawah ini.
Semoga bermanfaat.


Hatsari M
The Aeronautical Engineering Department at King AbdulAziz University is seeking
outstanding foreign college graduates to apply for its graduate studies program
in the following areas of studies:
• Aerodynamics
• Computational Fluid Dynamics
• Flight Mechanics & Control
• Propulsion & Combustion
• Structures & Composites
• Aircraft Design

The Department has a faculty with broad research interest and diverse expertise
in the field of aeronautical engineering and related scientific disciplines.
Graduate students will have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge scientific
research using state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities as
well as extensive and up-to-date library holdings along with online scientific
publication resources.
Accepted students are supported through the Graduate Assistantship Program. The
program provides awarded students with the following:
1. Monthly allowance:
– (2900 SR ~ $775) for Master student.
– (3400 SR ~ $907) for Ph.D. student.
2. Free housing in the university dorms.
3. Furnishing allowance of (1800 SR ~ $500) paid at student’s arrival.
4. Health care for the student and his family, in case they accompanied him.
5. Discounted meals at the university restaurants
6. Providing suitable scientific, social, cultural, and training care.
7. Annual roundtrip tickets to the student’s home country.
8. Thesis and dissertation printing and binding allowance paid after the
completion of the degree requirements:
• (3000SR ~$800) for Master student
• (4000SR ~ $1070) for PhD. Student.
9. A onetime allowance of (2700SR ~ $720) paid after the completion of the
degree requirements.
Extra income is possible though the participation in funded research projects.
In addition to the duties of the study program, graduate assistants will be
required to actively participate in research projects and other related duties
as assigned by the department. Continued support for graduate students depends
on their ability to:
1. Maintain exceptional gradate academic standards.
2. Perform research related activities.
3. Maintain a high level of research achievement through participation in
authoring and co-authoring of scientific publications.

The application deadline is February 28th, 2012 for admission to FALL 2012 semester. Therefore interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To apply, please follow the link:
Please make sure that you notify the department of your application by sending an email to: ialqadi@kau.edu.sa , chairman-aero@kau.edu.sa


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