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[beasiswa] [INFO] New Zealand Scholarships – Indonesia

Information for 2013 intake.
This page has scholarship information specific to Indonesia. It should be read with the general information in theScholarships section.

New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards: Indonesia


The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to make a substantial contribution to ASEAN’s development by providing opportunities for postgraduate study (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree and doctorate/PhD) in New Zealand.
The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards (NZ-AS) are part of the New Zealand’s official development assistance to the ASEAN region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, through the New Zealand Aid Programme, delivers this scholarships scheme.
Under the NZ-AS scheme, up to 170 scholarships are available to candidates from ASEAN countries. From the total of 170, up to 50 scholarships per annum are available for Indonesian applicants.
The scholarships are for full-time study (See the scholarships benefits) at one of nine eligible New Zealand institutions. See the list of eligible New Zealand education institutions 
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