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[beasiswa] [info] PhD nuclear research at SCK.CEN


Develop your career in nuclear research!

In a conscious desire to increase its pool of highly specialised young researchers and to tighten the links with the universities, SCK•CEN embarked in 1992 on a programme to support PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers.

Since 1992, over 100 students started a PhD in collaboration with SCK•CEN and more than 50 post-docs joined our Centre. Currently, about 50 junior scientific researchers perform their work in research fields that reflect the priority programmes and R&D topics of SCK•CEN.

Why perform a PhD or post-doc at SCK•CEN?

Preparing your doctoral thesis at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre offers you the best of both worlds: you stay in close contact with the academic world and you enjoy a unique research environment.

Practical arrangements for PhD students and post-doc researchers


PhD and post-doc research topics

Each year, we put forward a number of research topics, which lie within the framework of our priority R&D programme lines. Traditional topics are within the field of radiation protection, waste and disposal, reactor technology and materials issues. More recently we pay an increased attention to PhD and post-doc research in medical applications, radio- and microbiology, radioecology, and societal aspects of nuclear applications. With the development of MYRRHA, a number of the latest themes will concentrate on research in support of the development of innovative reactor systems.

Past and currently running research themes

PhD’s obtained most recently

Yearly campaign: Develop your career in nuclear research!

Are you interested in preparing a PhD or post-doc within the research framework of SCK•CEN?

The next application period will start in on January 11, 2011. Available research topics: PhD subjects and post-doc subjects.

Application procedure

Information for university promoters

Day of the PhD’s

Each year, we organise a “Day of the PhD’s“.

This “Day of the PhD’s” aims at bringing together all our young scientific researchers, their promoters and colleagues at the universities, their mentors and other scientific collaborators at SCK•CEN, and the members of SCK•CEN’s Scientific Council, in order to present and discuss the ongoing PhD and post-doc research.

More information can be found on the events page.


Education and training coordinator : Dr. Coeck Michèle, tel. +32 14 33 21 80,
Scientific coordinator : Dr. D’hondt Pierre





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